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Carmel is the founder and CEO at eRoute2market. She founded the company in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing invaluable information to a vibrant market not quite sure of its capabilities.

Her exciting journey started when she was head hunted to run a business unit within the Smollan Group (a GREAT business that provided the best schooling for the FMCG environment). It was here that she discovered the gap in available information in the Out of Home / Bottom End Trade.


Even she has been surprised over the last few years at the sheer vitality and importance of this data mined by the company – to such an extent that she needed to introduce new portfolios to the company in the form of eat-IT and gap-IT to enhance the value of the data to their clients. Mined data is used to identify trade gaps, and very capable sales teams are deployed to plug those gaps – always using technology to support / report on their efforts.

She has two very strong opinions:
“If you can’t measure it, why are you doing it?”
“If we’re not adding value to our clients, they shouldn’t BE our clients”

To contact Carmel
082 807 8332